Would You Like to Make More Sales When You Speak?

Do your knees knock when you speak to an audience?

Are you petrified of selling from the front of the room?

Do you watch other speakers open wallets and create a rush for their latest products and services and wonder how it’s done?

Do you wish you knew what the secret is?

Have you ever wondered why some speakers get the accolades and others get the money?

Are you frustrated with yourself, justifying your ethics, do you despair at ever making the money you need and deserve. You’re a good speaker, an honest person, an upstanding member of society. You work hard, damn it, you have a better product or service. Why aren’t your audiences buying?

Have you ever wondered why some people when they speak get massive buy in and make massive sales, while others (maybe you) struggle to sell anything at all.

There is a formula to selling from stage…

Would you like to:

  • Be more persuasive getting customers to act sooner and more often.
  • Write/Develop/Construct a Presentation that people want to listen to
  • Deliver a compelling message that is interesting and informative
  • Know what gestures and words are used to attract customers to you
  • Identify what extras to include to truly engage your audience and have them coming back for more
  • Bridge the communication gap between your audience and your message
  • Use a proven structure that works, to develop your presentation and gives you flexibility to individualise your content, reflecting your personality and business message.

Imagine the difference it would make to your life if you increased your sales from speaking alone by 10x and the your audiences also started increasing. How would this affect the car you drive? Where would you holiday? What would you do more of and what would you do less of? Would it affect the money you have in the bank? Maybe even the house you live in?

Glenda determined at a young age she wanted to be wealthy. She set a goal to own her own home and have investments that produced more than enough income to provide a nice lifestyle for her and her family by age 55. She reached that goal 10 years early, now a multimillionaire at 45 she was looking to continue as a contributing member of society, working less hours and having more family time. 

Glenda decided to teach others what she knew about creating wealth, and using it to support a life of purpose, and discovered that she needed to develop speaking skills to get her message out there.  She wanted freedom, so didn’t want to do all the talking all the time, so created pre-recorded training packages for subscribers to utilize.  However, she then realized that internet marketing alone was not going to sell these to people.   She needed to develop the ability to engage with people in a live environment, and use the influence of being a stage presenter.  And, she needed to understand the process and skills required to actually sell her packages.

Glenda used what she learned at Top Sales Speaking training (formally Interactive Presentation and Speaking Skills), and in her final presentation which followed all the processes, actually achieved a 30% conversion rate on the day!

Today Glenda continues uses the knowledge gained from Top Sales Speaking in all of her presentations to local organisations, business groups, and with the participants of her programs.

If you are a Professional, Sales Person, Team Builder, Business Owner or Manager and are keen to improve your front of room conversions then call 1300 884 757 and speak with James.

“The benefit and skills you receive as a result are well worth your investment of time and money.”

Darren M. Giles, Real Estate Coaching Hub

“The course is quite confronting and brings you out of your comfort zone. I do believe that this is beneficial and I wouldn’t change a thing. I highly recommend Debra’s course to everyone who has even a remote involvement in public address/speaking as the techniques improve results. I have never been subjected to the techniques taught previously and I believe all of them will be massively beneficial.”

Shae Davies, Shae Davies Racing

“I enjoyed practicing and focusing on the elements of my presentation. The program will motivate you to be better than you thought possible when speaking to others.”

Kathleen Aisthorpe, Colour Sense, Clifton

“You will gain a really simple way of actually making money through speaking and getting the audience to take action.”

Susan Living, Susan’s Food for Thought

You owe it to yourself to enrol and, at just $2,489 it is fantastic value. You will learn the secrets used by masters of communication and the skills used by professionals who earn their living selling from stage. You’ll also be using proven techniques to sell yourself, your product/service and you’ll know how to  look, sound and have your audiences feeling great!

Top Sales Speaking gets you on your feet and gives you the confidence to embrace your own unique speaking and presentation style. At the end of Day 2 you will have developed your very own presentation using same the formula that causes audiences all over the world to pull out their credit cards while rushing to the back of the room. You’ll also get the opportunity to present it (in full) to a live audience.

And make sure you video your very next speaking opportunity (even if you get a friend to capture it on their mobile) because Debra will personally watch it and provide additional coaching by phone or Skype.

As we will be filming the next seminar, if you’re okay with being in our video and keen to attend 21/22 February 2014 book your spot for just $890. That’s a saving of $1,599. You could book 3 spots for this seminar for almost less that 1 spot at any other of our Top Sales seminars.

If you would prefer to attend when we aren’t filming, register and pay $2,489 for the 2/3 May 2014 seminar. Let me ask you though, how many rooms full of sales are you going to miss in the interim?

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