Effective Search Engine Marketing
Getting you the best results from pay-per-click
advertising so you don’t lose your shirt!

For more than 12 years we have been helping businesses just like yours generate cost-effective sales leads using Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) advertising program, AdWords*.

Having seen countless numbers of online advertising campaigns using Google’s AdWords program that have been created by other people, and having improved the results of every single one of them, we’re well placed to structure and manage your campaigns. What’s more, all projects are carried out in house.

Sadly, many business owners have tried to run their own PPC campaigns and have seen good money wasted so they decide that the process doesn’t work. The problem generally is simply because they didn’t know how to do it effectively.

Maybe you’ve tried, or had someone try for you and the results have been disappointing.

Maybe you haven’t tried because you either don’t know how or haven’t time.

Either way, we can help and here’s our process outlined;

    • First your product or service is analysed to discover why a customer would buy it, and how they might search for it.
    • The next is to look at your budget and a reasonable cost of client acquisition to determine how much to bid for clicks.
    • Then a list of search terms and phrases are prepared and assembled into related groups and compelling adverts written that encourage prospective clients to click.
    • With your approval to ensure we’re accurately representing your offer, the new campaign is constructed and traffic directed to the most appropriate and relevant page of your website. Sometimes there is a requirement to add pages to your site or to edit current content and you will be assisted all the way if this is necessary.
    • After 30 days we mutually make decisions about changes to the campaign and to your website in order that, as the campaign progresses, it continues to generate results for you.
    • On an ongoing monthly basis we monitor, edit and optimise your campaign for you to ensure it works to its highest potential. We communicate regularly with you providing feedback.

Everything done is transparent so you know exactly what is happening. As the reports this process delivers are highly detailed and very informative, we will advise of changes that can be made to your sales process and to your other advertising and promotional information to give you the maximum leverage this process provides.

Would you like to know more about the results we’ve generated for others, and if your business will benefit from search engine marketing?

Call me, James Yuille, on 1300 884 757 today so we can discuss how to get you started and to get you the leverage we’ve provided for others.

*AdWords is a registered trademark of Google Inc.