How To Get More Sales

Salespeople Aren’t Born Great, They’re Trained To Be Great!

Have you ever wondered why you see so many prospects and yet so few buy? Are you in danger of losing your job because you can’t meet quota. Are you struggling to generate enough revenue to keep your business afloat?

What are the gun sales people who consistently exceed quota, top the sales chart and win nearly every competitive situation in your industry doing that your team is not?

Take a moment and imagine you have the best sales team in your industry. What would that mean to you?  Consider the effect on your bank balance. How would you feel? Could it have an effect on your current lifestyle?

Is there a sales training where they can learn the skills to become the top guns in your market?


At the 2-day Top Sales seminar, you and your team will learn tested, proven methods that you can easily apply to your product or service. Here are just some of the topics discussed…

  • The most important 5-letter word in sales
  • Why sales isn’t a numbers game
  • Why traditional US sales materials don’t work elsewhere
  • Why closing techniques don’t work, and why using them loses sales
  • The most important question to ask when taking enquiry calls
  • The TIPS formula; the four absolutely essential steps to making the sale
  • The sales conversation and why pitching doesn’t work
  • How to present your product or service so they say “Wow, I want that”
  • The Theory of Consequence, what it means and how to use it to create immediate interest
  • The only “close” that works
  • The secrets to a killer infomercial
  • Why doing quotes is a really bad idea and what to do instead
  • Multi modality selling, what it is and why you need to use it
  • How to deal with different personality types

Irrespective of the product or service you sell, proven ideas and processes will give you a distinct advantage. If you are serious about your team members skills and how to improve them, call James on 1300 884 757 to discuss the best strategy for rapid improvement.

Let me share a couple of interesting moments with you…

Two of my most memorable moments in running sales training workshops relate to comments made by sceptics. Let me share them with you…

The first was when a business owner in a marketing seminar said “This is all well and good James, but what if I train my people and they leave?” My response was “What if you don’t train them and they stay?”

He booked three staff into my next workshop all of whom increased their sales as the direct result of applying what they learned.

The second was when a salesperson asked me during the first break “What if all this stuff doesn’t work?” I replied, “What if it does and you don’t use it?” He changed his tune, listened intently and called me a month later to say his sales had increased by 40%.

The information delivered in this 2-day Top Sales seminar is priceless and literally adds thousands of dollars in additional revenue to those who use and apply the processes. It has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and for me personally, delivered a $3 million contract after it had initially been awarded to another vendor. Yes, this process resulted in a $3 million contract with another vendor being cancelled and awarded to me. How that happened is revealed in the seminar.

You owe it to yourself to book into this program for you, and if you have a sales team; for them, too. At just $2,997 inc GST per person, you deserve this knowledge.

How to save $557! Book and pay by Jan 19 2018 and pay just $2,400 to attend.

The next program will be held on The Gold Coast on Friday and Saturday Feb 9 & 10, 2018. Sessions run from 9am to 5pm on Friday and 9am to 3:30pm on Saturday. A cocktail party will be held on the evening of Thursday Feb 8 for attendees to meet and greet.

By attending, you get the opportunity to participate in James unique interactive high stakes game that demonstrates how everything all fits together. Less than 100 people worldwide have ever participated this memorable experience that reveals how easily sales can be lost and ensures you remember the top gun processes taught in this seminar .

guaranteeAnd here’s our Guarantee:

If, at the end of day 1, you can look me in the face and say, “James, we’ve learned nothing, this has been a waste of time” we will refund your course fee in full.

So by attending you have the opportunity to have a top gun sales team exceeding quota, increasing commissions, winning accolades and actually enjoying the life you imagined earlier.

Make your enquiry today by calling 1300 884 757 or by completing the Contact form. 

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