What is Sales Process Analysis?

This is where we take a comprehensive and detailed look at your entire sales pipeline to see where the blockages are. And yes, they all have them!

This is a simplified overview of the process…

The starting point is your branding, what is looks like, what it means, and how people see it.

Then we look at what you look like to see that the theory matches the reality. It often doesn’t – your message may be modern and upbeat yet your staff, your website, your brochures and advertising don’t reflect the same vibe.

Now your marketing message comes under scrutiny.

  • Does it promote solutions and benefits, or does it boringly promote features and brag about how good you are at what you do?
  • How did the message come about in the first place, was it simply a bright idea, or something a focus group came up with, or did it come from hours of patiently listing to real world customers?
  • Does it encourage them to seek comparisons from competitors? (So many do…)
  • What response does it generate (how many leads per month), and what is the conversion rate?

Next we look at the sales process itself.

  • How are enquiry calls answered and what scripts are used to maximise conversions to the next step??
  • How do your sales team follow up the enquiries?
  • What exactly is the conversational process they follow when talking with the customer?
  • If they are doing formal presentations, how are the presentations scripted?

Next we look at the proposal or quotation documents you are using, and how they are delivered. Believe me, we see some real mess-ups here… So many sales lost due to poorly presented proposals.

Invariably what we find is that the pipeline narrows significantly at one or more points. The objective is to progressively widen it at those points in order to increase the flow of sales through the other end.

Sometimes it’s easy, like the home improvement company who increased conversions from enquiry to site visit from 3 in 10 to 6 in 10 with a simple script change, and who then increased conversions of site visits to sales from 4 in 10 to 6 in 10 by changing the wording on the quote they presented. The net result was an increase of over 50% is new business sales inside a month.

Sometimes it’s harder as with a prestigue home builder. We had regeared their marketing to be almost 100% online driven, eliminating their need for display homes and had increased sales by about 2 homes per month. We couldn’t see an easy way to generate more leads without significant cost increases yet they wanted another 1 to 2 sales per month. They firmly believed that their sales process was perfect yet in a seriously heavy two-hour debrief, we identified one question they could ask differently.

That small change increased sales by 2 homes per month, well over $600,000 in revenue increase.

What might we uncover in your business? You won’t know until we look, and if we don’t find anything, you don’t pay.

To discuss a sales process analysis for your company, complete the contact form or call us on 1300 884 757 today.