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Most sales managers get their jobs because they were the best salesperson in the company first. As with a sports team, the best player in the team isn’t necessarily the best person to promote to the captaincy. In sales, the best salesperson achieves because they are an individual and not a team player.

In environments where the owner of the business fills the role of sales manager, it’s rare to find someone who has the necessary sales process knowledge required to teach, train and manage their salespeople. The reason for this is that the owner of the business invariably had to simply find a way to sell the product or service in order to survive and grow. The vested financial interest was a huge incentive that hired hands don’t possess. The result is that the development of their most valuable asset, their customer database is left to people whose process can’t be accurately monitored and assessed. Handing over the reigns of revenue generation to someone whose skill set you don’t understand and can’t evaluate can be a recipe for disaster.

I’ve held several sales management roles in my career, one with a very large company where I was promoted from the field where I had been the top salesperson for several years and not once did I ever receive any training for the role. Being honest I have to say that this lack of training made these roles particularly stressful and I recall making several incorrect decisions as a result of lack of knowledge.

Fortunately, the TIPS process which I had developed years previously, helped me to develop the individual skills of those in my teams. Had I not had that knowledge, and the ability because of it to help my teams analyse their own performance, I would have been a failure in this role.

These experiences made me very aware of the need to provide sales managers with a series of skills to assist them achieve great results fulfilling their role.

The learnings start with the basic content from the Top Sales module before delving deeper into how to master this difficult role.

Top Sales Management content:

In addition to an in-depth analysis of the TIPS system and The Theory of Consequence covered in Top Sales, we discuss and explain these processes:

  • The hiring process, how to interview salespeople
  • How to assess their progress
  • How to train, coach and manage salespeople
  • How to get accurate reports that deliver value to marketing and senior management

Who should attend Top Sales Management?

Irrespective of your industry, if you have the responsibility of managing people responsible for revenue generation, then you should attend this three day seminar.

At just $3,997 per seat, the insights and knowledge gained represents extraordinary value. Book your place for April 2014 by using the form below or call 1300 884 757 to speak directly with James.

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