Struggling To Get Enough Quality Leads?

If you’re struggling to get sufficient leads to sell to, we can help. With over 40 years experience in marketing, we can provide either consultancy or “do it for you” services to generate quality sales leads. Basically there are only two ways to generate more leads:

  • Talk to people you know by working your database for referrals, new product sales or repeat business.
  • Talk to people you don’t know by advertising

There are many ways you can talk to your database. You can call them, visit them or write to them. Whichever you choose, you need a reason and an offer. We can help you with strategies and scripts for all three.

Should you decide to advertise, and providing you have a website, the easiest and quickest way is to use paid ads on search engines.

Called “pay per click” this advertising process provides instant information as well. In addition to providing enquiries, it provides huge insights into buyer behaviour, keywords, the benefits they are looking for and the offers they will most readily respond to.

These insights when used correctly, will enable you to create new and more powerful sales processes, advertising and promotions.

Everything we do is custom designed for you

Everything we do is custom designed and built to meet your goals and outcomes. We will ask you a series of questions to determine exactly what you want to achieve and then will set about creating a brief for a website or brochure that is both attractive and that meets those goals. The result is uniquely yours. Here are some of the questions we’re going to ask you:

What is the purpose of the marketing piece or website?

Is it to make you look good in the eyes of prospects or customers?
Is it to inform, to educate, to generate leads, to sell stuff?

Who do you want to see it?

Prospects, customers, staff?

How are you going to distribute and promote your message?

Advertising, search engine marketing, telemarketing, brochures, direct mail?

What action do you want them to take when they see the message?

Call you, complete a contact form, buy something, subscribe to a newsletter, take a survey, watch a training video or take a test?

With a long and successful history of sales lead generation, we are well placed to deliver you the results you have been seeking. Talk with us today on 1300 884 757.