Free Gift For You; This Might Just Change Your Life

Some years ago, I wrote a book about sales that outlined the TIPS process I’ve used and taught for close to 40 years.

The book has been critically acclaimed as a very important text which I’m delighted about.

It’s written as I speak and those who have read it and know me in person, will attest to that.

It has helped many, many salespeople and business owners discover clarity and great results by providing an easy-to-follow blueprint for effective the sale.

Truthfully I’ve been a bit lazy about it, and despite my wife’s encouragement to edit and update it, I’ve never got around to it so there are a few spelling and grammar mistakes in it!

In addition, the discussion around using the Internet as a marketing tool are clearly out of date (but then I’d need to rewrite those sections every few months to keep up so it hardly matters).

So now, instead of putting you into some sort of crappy sales funnel with opt-ins, autoresponder loops and manipulative sales processes, I’m just going to give it to you for free. No payment, no obligation, yours to download now and share with whoever you like.

The book is called “Are You getting Enough” and you can download the pdf here.

Enjoy it and if you find it helpful, revisit this site and drop me a message via the contact form.



James Yuille Feb 2016