Disturbing Trends in Website Design

I seriously believe web design is going backwards not forwards. So may “Would be” expert designers making simple mistakes their clients aren’t even aware of.

Here are four I’ve seen today, and I see most of these almost every day:

Logo in pale pastel colours with tagline so small it was illegible.
Learning experience: Use strong, bold colours with authority not wishy-washy water colours.

Phone number in header so small you can’t read it.
Learning experience: If you have a phone number in your header it should be large enough to be read and at the top right of the page.

Menus written in italic ALL CAPS.
Learning experience: ALL CAPS are harder to read than Title Case and italics even harder.

Clickable email links. These are absolute SPAM magnets.
Leaning experience: Instead of a clickable link that opens an email client, have a link to the Contact page where there is a form to complete.

Sadly everyone thinks just because they can install and edit a WordPress theme, they are a web developer.The cause of this problem? Most people have no idea how to brief a web designer, or even how to qualify them to see if they know what they’re doing.

Some graphic designers can work in both print and web media. Most can’t.

If you want honest feedback about your website, ask me.

Better still, talk with me before you build your next website!