Business Owner and Marketing Manager Training

A large company was conducting its annual performance reviews. The marketing manager reported to the managing director saying, “We have 80% brand awareness in our marketplace, and three of our adverts have won industry awards this year.”

He was rewarded with a salary increase, a new car and a corner office.

The sales manager reported, “We have huge turnover of salespeople because they get sick of cold calling and rejection. We’re down on budget and frankly I can’t see it improving.”

He was fired.

The message here is simple:

Brand awareness and awards count for nothing if the phone doesn’t ring!

So often there is a communication disconnect between marketing and sales or between the business owner and those on the front line responsible for generating the sale. (I’ve written an article that goes into this further. Read it here.)

The most common reasons for this are:

  • You promote what you do as opposed to what that delivers
  • You promote features not solutions
  • Your message is logical and doesn’t generate sufficient emotion to stimulate enquiry
  • Feedback from the field is either inappropriate or ignored
  • Your sales team aren’t trained in how to promote your message

Business Owner and Marketing Manager Training is about how to connect sales and marketing so they work as a combined team, each providing the other with valuable information, feedback and support. In this two-day program which is just $2,497 to attend, you will discover the vital links that create this unison. Based on our highly successful TIPS process, The Theory of Consequence, a marketing tool that delivers knock-out headlines and compelling sales copy, along with our proven 15 step copywriting system, you will discover how to effectively test new and different messages and get the right feedback from your front line as to their effectiveness.

The next course will be held in March 2014 and you can find out more about it, and reserve your seats by calling us on 1300 884 757.