James Yuille

James Yuille, Certified Google AdWords Individual, speaker, author, presenter and coach.James Yuille

James Yuille

I’ve pretty much known my whole life that my path is in sales, actually I think sales is embedded into my DNA. I love it, I know it, it’s part of who I am.

Originally I was in sales and estimating in the electrical contracting and telecommunications industry, from there I moved into office automation.

I could see very early on that we needed a sales system if we were going to sell more product and become a successful company…

…so at the ripe old age of 21 I created the TIPS system, which revolutionised the way the company sold their products.

Needless to say, I know the TIPS system inside out which definitely helped me achieve the
honour of Top Sales person in my first year in sales with that company.

Fast forward to today and it has been my absolute pleasure to be able to say that I have taught my TIPS system to hundreds of professionals and business owners, all looking to increase their sales and build successful businesses.

Some of my clients have increased their sales by as much as 400% over 12 months, just by applying the system principles. For more than 20 years I’ve been working with small business owners, helping them with their online lead generation strategies.

Along with my beautiful wife Debra, I established and now run a digital marketing agency on the Gold Coast where our focus is on helping small businesses with their online lead generation, sales and marketing strategies.

We are a Premier Google AdWords Partner Agency, primarily because we have seen so many of our clients get such great results using the AdWords platform, the results speak for themselves and that puts AdWords in total alignment with our goals for our clients.

I may sound like a proud mother duck here but it’s enormously gratifying to see a small business owner who was previously struggling to find leads, now being found on Google, getting good solid traffic, making more sales than they could ever have imagined…

…and now making serious money.

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Debra Yuille

Debra Yuille, Certified Google AdWords Individual, accomplished speaker, author, presenter, copywriter.

Debra Yuille

As a coach and business consultant for more than 20 years now, I’ve helped many of my clients maximise their results using my knowledge, skill and experience with sales copy, selling from stage, running events and hosting webinars

My roles as speaker and presenter have brought me face to face with many small business owners across many different industries and in businesses of varying sizes.

One of the commonalities with each of these owners is that while busy running things day to day, they’ve often struggled to be found on the very crowded platform that is the world wide web.

Their strengths and skills lie in running their operations so despite their best efforts, growing the business was a very real challenge simply because they just weren’t being seen online.

Having an intimate insight into that visibility issue led my husband James and I down the track of figuring out how we could help change that situation…

…how to use our expertise to help micro and small business owners grow their businesses to the point where the business could support their financial and lifestyle goals.

After testing Google AdWords for lead generation we were absolutely thrilled with the results, we could see first hand the difference Google Search Marketing was making.

We then became Premier Google AdWords Partners, establishing our digital marketing agency with the specific aim of getting micro and small businesses seen, heard and growing.

Our vision is to help take as many businesses as is humanly possible to the next growth phase…

…and then the next…

…and the next.

We are small business owners who understand that helping other businesses become more successful also helps us become more successful.


Fiona Lee

Fiona Lee – Copywriter, marketing & business positioning strategist, Mediaglue team member

Fiona Lee

After founding, running and marketing for my own and other small businesses for the last couple of decades, it’s been my great pleasure to have worked with a wide variety of people and across many different industries.

Through these experiences I have seen first hand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building business for success.

I believe there are three key components to the marketing aspect that put a business on the track to success. Business positioning, the ability to communicate what that position is and using the right marketing platforms to let the rest of the world know about you. Get those things right and you have a solid starting point.

Seeing business owners find their sweet spot, hone their message and then shout it from the rooftops to their audience is always a moment of pleasure because I know that’s a turning point in their business.

It’s more important now than ever before to specialise in what you do, to be known as an expert in your field – whether that is product or service based or both…

…and to supercharge those skills by passing those other tasks you’re not so great at, onto the specialists in those fields.

The right people using the right communication on the right platforms is key to working smarter for success.

One of the reasons I love working with AdWords so much is that I’ve seen very clearly the solid difference it makes. People are out there buying all day every day and AdWords done right puts you right up front, face to face with those who are looking to buy. It’s life changing for our clients.

The advertising is so on target because it is literally shown to only those people looking for what you have to offer, relevant and targeted.

Those people showing up to your website through AdWords are looking for you and you are right there when they need you. We see our clients win time and again which completely changes their businesses. Now that is powerful advertising that works!

Susan Jane

Susan Jane – Author, event organiser, Mediaglue team member

Susan Jane

Through my work in public relations and the events space, I collaborate with a lot of small business owners who share the common thread of a lack of visibility.

I hold an annual expo that is based around bringing those business owners together and putting them in front of their potential audiences.

That experience has given me great insight into the kind of help that really makes a difference for micro and small enterprises. Working with AdWords has shown me the kind of results that can be achieved when you utilise that powerful advertising platform to get your message in front of the people who are actually looking for you.

What I’ve seen is that when business owners couple their offline marketing efforts with the right online marketing platform, the results can be astounding and transformational.

Whether it’s a client, a friend, a colleague or an associate, it’s truly exciting for me to know that what I do helps others succeed at what they do, to thrive.

With AdWords the results are right there for me to see, I can see the financial transformation from doing AdWords right and that’s very satisfying – to see our clients winning in business from the work we do is very exciting.

Jenny Cooper

Jenny CooperAdvertising copy writer, bookkeeper, Mediaglue team member

Jenny Cooper

I have been working with and in small businesses for most of my working life, both as a bookkeeper and as an owner/operator. My experience has given me great insight into some of the more intricate needs of small business owners. Having that level of understanding has allowed me to help my clients run their businesses more efficiently, which I am totally committed to.

My drive to help small businesses to succeed has helped me to find creative ways of working with people, providing flexibility that suits my clients. I am passionate about helping those businesses achieve growth and success, and I work as diligently as possible to make that happen.



Being part of the Mediaglue team and seeing the results our clients have achieved through Google Ads ticks all the boxes for me. Google Ads is a powerful platform that provides theopportunity to be seen by your relevant audiences when you know how to put a good campaign together. I’m a numbers and analysis person and the results I’ve seen for micro and small businesses speak for themselves.

Top Sales International is a Premier Google AdWords Partner.



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