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Our objective is to provide you with more quality sales leads and the means to convert them into long-term paying customers who come back and refer others.

Your Ads on ONE central platform seen across ALL Google channels and partner sites…

• Google SearchReaching your digital target audience

• Google Display

• Google Shopping

• YouTube

• Gmail

AdWords is like a giant online traffic supermarket, when you need more traffic, the Google supermarket is always open with a ready supply on hand.

Pay per click advertising is a massively powerful tool and just like any powerful tool it requires in depth knowledge and a specialist approach to know how to get the best results.

Maximising your reach and connecting with your relevant audience is just a matter of giving the people what they want when they want it.

People target audienceThere are people looking for you right now, can those people find you?

Deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time and you can’t help but win.

It’s all about Being Seen in the right places, by the right faces…

…and that’s where the magic of Google AdWords really shines.

AdWords is the world’s biggest pay per click advertising platform owned by the world’s most popular search engine, now that’s a big opportunity.

You have an awesome product or service, you already know that, your current clients and customers already know that….

Now let’s make sure every person who needs your product or service knows about it!

It’s simple really when you have the right team alongside you, and let’s be clear, building a successful business really does take a team. When you’re ready to play a bigger game, we’ll be right there with you.

Advertising is a lot more complex than just putting a pretty ad together, throwing it out to the marketplace and hoping it works.

We know how to help you take your business to the next level – it’s what we do!

Let us help you with:Google AdWords Ads

• Lead generation

• Focused keywords

• Dominating your niiche

• Business positioning

• Powerful targeted ads

• In depth stats analysis

• Campaign monitoring

• Reducing your click costs


To discuss how to improve your results, drop us a line via the enquiry form or call us on 1300 884 757  or from outside Australia +614 1212 1233

*AdWords is a trademark of Google, Inc.

Search Engine Advertising


Imagine being on the first search engine results page for everything you do – without having to wait months for SEO!

Every day, hundreds of people are looking for something you provide. They use search engines to look for products and services, for advise and to solve problems.

It’s so easy to place your advert and offer directly in front of them, worded in a way that gets them to click your advert and visit your website.

Exactly how to do this with minimum cost and precise results takes time and experience.  With hundreds of campaigns and millions of dollars of sales generated for our clients, this is our core speciality.

You can take advantage of our knowledge and tap into this proven process for creating campaigns that sell and that gives you far more than just new sales leads.

Discover how Search Engine Marketing can put your marketing AND your marketing research on steroids here or by making an enquiry or by calling us on 0412 121233.

Sales Pipeline Efficiency

9860947_sStruggling to discover why you lose sales?

Do your sales and marketing messages really communicate with each other? What feedback are marketing taking from the sales team, and how are the two combining their knowledge to provide a consistent, harmonious message to the overall benefit of the company and its customers?

All too frequently there is no in-depth analysis of the sales pipeline which results in spasmodic and unrelated changes being made without considering their impact on the result.

As experts in sales pipeline analysis, our objective is to examine your entire marketing and sales process from end to end to identify the areas that need adjusting. Often very small changes can have a profound effect. With years of experience in this environment, and a track record of generating significant increases in sales without necessarily adding to your marketing spend, your time is discussing this process with us is well spent

Find out more here or by making an enquiry or by calling us on 0412 121233.

Sales Lead Generation

8258560_sDiscover how to get a constant supply of qualified sales leads.

If you’re struggling to get sufficient leads to sell to, we can help. With over 40 years experience in marketing, we can provide either consultancy or “do it for you” services to generate quality sales leads. Basically there are only two ways to generate more leads:

Talk to people you know by working your database for referrals and for new or repeat business.

Talk to people you don’t know by advertising.

Whichever you choose, we can assist with strategy and scripts as well as copywriting.

Find out more about how we can here by making an enquiry or by calling us on 0412 121233.

Sales Training

12642960_lDiscover why so many sales are lost, and what to do about it.

Time tested and proven over 30 years, our sales systems have had huge success both with generating sales leads and converting them into loyal, paying customers.

What you’ll learn from our TIPS sales system is a simple yet sophisticated process that gets results by providing context for the sales call.

You will discover why not having a clearly defined process is fraught with danger – and what you should do instead.

From the moment you make your next sales call, or receive your next enquiry, you will experience a refreshing difference and see the improvement in your results. It will make you and your colleagues wonder why you’ve been doing it the old way for so long.

Find out more about the course here. Make an enquiry or call us on 0412 121233.

Speaking and Selling From Stage

  • 21228829_sIf your job requires you to make persuasive presentations to groups, this if for you!

Every day, hundreds of people make presentations or give talks to groups of people with the expectation of business and orders the result.

Yet so often they leave the stage disappointed with no orders or sales resulting from their talk.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

There is a proven, replicable process for structuring a presentation that sells and you can be one of the few to understand and master it giving you an unfair edge over your competitors.

Discover how you too can become a powerful and persuasive stage presenter.

Find out more about the course here or by making an enquiry or by calling us on 0412 121233.