“A 400% increase in sales in 18 months!”

I sought help from James in late 2005 when I realised my ads were costing me almost as much as they generated in revenue. He rewrote my YellowPages online ad and it started to generate calls the next day!

Next he went to work our website and established an advertising campaign with Google and it started to generate leads within days, too. Now, just 18 months later, we’re doing 4 times the turnover we were when we met him.

Tracey Lunniss, Managing Partner, TSL Project Services Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Brisbane
"James Yuille doubled our sales in 30 days."

If you want more sales, if you want more clients, if you're operating in a price- competitive marketplace, you should book a consultation with James because I guarantee his fee will be money well spent.

Marian Jack, Director, AAA Action Hot Water, Brisbane, Australia. (Distributors of Edwards Solar Hot Water Systems )
James is one of those people that you need to have either a pen and paper or a tape recorder handy when you speak to him. I have yet to meet anyone like him that can look at any business and then proceed to give some excellent and valuable information pertaining to that industry.

If you want to increase your sales, reduce the amount of money spent in your advertising and marketing budget, learn valuable tips guaranteed to get results, then make sure you enlist the help of James Yuille. You will be most pleasantly surprised!

Vicki Sparks, Director, ConnectWorking.
"James showed me how to open my eyes to the opportunity that presents itself with every lead we get"

Gavin Gracey, Statewide Tree Management, Kallangur, Queensland
I don't have any prior sales training, and I don't like being on the other end of the "traditional" techniques, so I didn't want to learn to perpetrate them. These techniques are like a breath of fresh air!

James - I was really very happy with your seminar and look forward to more of these in the future. I've participated in several others over the past year, and I thought your seminar was good. More than anything, it's the CONTENT that matters most to me, and your seminar's content was very helpful to me. We always notice the little glitches in our "performances" that are often not even noticeable to others!

Your sales techniques dovetail nicely with the training I'm receiving in my new profession (I've gone from a corporate career in IT to financial services).

Mindy Moros, Financial Services Consultant, Los Angeles, California
"$100,000 in new sales with a new product inside 4 months!"

What James taught me worked like magic! $20,000 in new sales with a new product inside 4 weeks and over $100,000 inside four months.

After 12 years, we're now doing several million in annual sales and employ 70 staff internationally.  In our early years, James wrote all of our ads, all of our sales copy; managed our Google AdWords campaign and chaired our fortnightly sales meetings.

The money I spent with James has repaid itself hundreds of times over.

Stephen Bradshaw, simPRO Software, Brisbane
"I discovered the simplicity of selling that I have been missing in my process."

The consequences of attending his workshop have been enormous for my business.  I have changed: the way I present my business, my website, the way I talk to clients, how I approach client meetings.  I cannot recommend it enough.

Mike Thomson, Business Consultant, Toowong
"James is extremely professional and very sincere."

I attended one of James' seminars in May 2005, hoping he was not just another 'snake-oil salesman.' Now, after the seminar, I can definitely assure he is not!

Steve Mann, Brisbane
"What I like about this process is that it's not about techniques, manipulation, etc."

It's about being a professional - ethical, hardworking and smart. Having been on a refresher three-day sales training course at the Australian Institute of Management, and having spent some time in sales, I wasn't too sure what your book could teach me - but your sales copy was so compelling I bought it anyway!

And I'm pleased I did. What I like about this book is that it's not about techniques, manipulation, etc. It's about being a professional - ethical, hardworking and smart..

In particular, your emphasis on "opening a sale" rang so true - this is something I remember and apply every day.

Thanks James.

Peter Griffin, Sydney
"Since adopting your four-step concept I have seen immediate benefits."

Your training manual has encouraged me to think harder and plan better and to analyse exactly what is we sell and what it is our customers want to buy.

I believe any business would benefit enormously from investing in your training system or in you personally as a sales coach. You have both the ability and the knowledge to help any sales person or business owner significantly improve their skills, make more sales and improve their bottom line.

Mike Bartram, Adelaide